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Presenting: One Forest

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Our dream is to share the voices of those closest to the fires and the forest, and explore the many sides of truth. In August 2019, stories of catastrophic fires in the Brazilian Amazon ripped across social media and mainstream news outlets. Many desperately wondered, what can we possibly do?! In this swirl of doom and gloom, smoke and confusion, one thought floated into clarity: years from now, what would we tell our grandchildren about what we had done to protect the Amazon? As filmmakers we at least had tools to help. We spent three months in Bolivia and Brazil connecting with indigenous people, scientists, journalists, and politicians to find out the truth.

This project is an environmental impact campaign centered around a feature length documentary and a series of shorts focused on deforestation, the violation of indigenous rights and the practical solutions we must implement in order to preserve and regenerate the Amazon rainforest. The feature film, Through the Smoke, follows many key voices from various walks of life and expertise, who’ve dedicated their lives in some way to the Amazon rainforest. Using intimate, slice of life storytelling, Through the Smoke will be an extensive exploration of the central issues surrounding the crisis, as well as pull at the emotional heartstrings of the viewer as they experience the many sides and implications of deforestation through the eyes of those experiencing it first hand.

The accompanying short films, designed to be more targeted to the basics of Amazon tipping point science, regenerative economic possibilities, media literacy and practical legislative solutions, will be tools for action, raising awareness and mobilizing public opinion. These short films will be made widely available online and via screenings with lawmakers, business leaders, and other major influencers.

Through targeted screening of these educational and emotionally impactful films and an online platform, we will connect organizations and individuals for the cause. This project hopes to bring awareness to the forefront of global consciousness and empower people with practical tools and solutions to help protect this extraordinary forest and its indigenous peoples for generations to come.

I'm grateful to work with amazing team members, from the Amazon to Oregon, and all the new connections coming together.

Sign up for updates on our newly launched website, The films are currently in post production, and we are in the process of acquiring funding and an impact agency.

Everything is connected with tele-connections. The Sahara desert sends nutrients to the soil from across the ocean. The rainforest creates rain for North America.

We only have one Amazon, and we are all One Forest.

Stay tuned for updates on short films and documentary events and dates.

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